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  • 2014/07/08
    As car-dependent Detroit in the United States took a lashing during the global economic crises that began to hit in 2008, Chongqing began to look for opportunities in other fields, including electronics. At the same time, electronics manufacturers that were concentrated in coastal areas such as Guan...
  • 2012/07/20
    The Aluminum Corporation of China, commonly known as Chinalco, signed an agreement with a Swedish company in Beijing last year to fund a project in the Xipeng Aluminum Industrial Zone in the Jiulongpo district of Chongqing municipality....
  • 2012/07/20
    The Jiulongpo district of Southwest China's Chongqing municipality will continue to improve its investment environment for domestic and foreign companies, local officials have pledged....
  • 2012/07/20
    The Jiulongpo district topped all other districts in Chongqing at the 15th China (Chongqing) International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair in May in terms of total investment programs....
  • 2012/07/20
    Leading global laptop manufacturer Asus is expected to invest a total of $150 million from 2011 to 2015 in an effort to build a laptop production center and a smart device production center in the high-tech zone of Jiulongpo district....
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